Hello everybody,


this summer will be my third year of camp at Tyler Hill, and I’m so exited. We do lots of fun activities at camp such as, gymnastics, cooking, swimming, basketball, soccer and much more. We also get time to hang out with our friends. A couple weeks ago I went shopping with my camp friends at Denny’s for camp stuff. We got a lot of matching outfits. At camp you get to bring a lot of your own stuff to make your bunk look nicer and to make it more like home. At the end of everyday at camp we do a different activity such as, scavenger hunt, trash fashion show (where you make an outfit for one member of your bunk out of unused garbage bags), plays based off of a theme and each person in the age group puts one item into there bunks ┬álaundry bag, every group gets one laundry bag and the items in it are used to act out the play, every night at camp we have a different evening activity. Camp has so many fun things to do and I love going to camp.

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