Hello everyone,


When I was little I went to Italy. It was so much fun! I went to 4 different places in Italy. I went to Florence, Pisa, Venice and Rome. We stayed in 3 different hotels because we didn’t sleep in Pisa we went to Pisa for 6 hours. All the hotels that we went to were really good and they were like apartments because we got our own kitchen, living room, dining room and much more. We did so many things. One thing that we did was see the Leaning Tower Of Pisa. We got a tour guide/picture taker to take us around. Another thing we did was go in a water taxi. We did that every day when we were in Venice because Venice is full of water so that’s the only way to get around. I also went in a gondola witch was pretty boring because I was little and gondola are slow and when you’re little you like fast things. We also went to a lot of cool restaurants and the food was so good. The only foods I ate in Italy were pizza, pasta, bread and gelato. We did a lot of fun things in Italy.

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