Hey Guys,


I went to California over winter break. It was so much fun. My family stayed in Hollywood at this really fun hotel. We saw so many cool things. These are just some of the things we did. One cool thing was that when we looked out of our window we saw the Hollywood sign, But it was pretty far away so one of the activities we did was hiking to the Hollywood sign. When we got close enough to the Hollywood sign we took pictures and we got this great picture of me wearing my sunglasses looking like a movie star. It was awesome! We hiked with our family friends, but they didn’t go all the way. Another fun thing we did was go to Universal Studios. We went with our other family friends. When we went we did cool rides and we got a tour of where they filmed the movies. The lines were so long so we bought front of the line passes, which was great because if we didn’t it would take us 2 hours to go on a 5 minute ride. But instead it was only about a five minute wait (or less some rides were only a 2 minute wait). The next fun things we did was go on the WB studio tour which is where you get to see the places your favorite shows or movies were filmed. I also got to see my cousins one of them already graduated collage and the other one is a grown up. When we saw my cousin that is a grown up we went to the restaurant that he works at (he is the head chef) we got so much food and we got to go to the kitchen to see where they cooked.When we saw my other cousin (he was with his girlfriend) we went to La Brea Tar Pits which is where you see the bones of some animals that came out of pits of tar and then we got to see the pits of tar. We did so many cool things in California and I highly recommend going there.

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