Disney World/Lego Land

Hi everyone,

When I was 7 I went to Disney world and Lego land. I had so much fun.In Disney world we got a private tour guide (she was so nice). She had front of the line passes so we got to go on all of the rides a bunch of times without having to wait for a really long time. I don’t like roller coasters (especially when I was little) so I didn’t go on a lot of the roller coasters but I did go on some of the less fast ones (that I wouldn’t throw up on) and they were really fun But I did go on one that was really fast and I almost threw up on that I really hated, but that was at the start of the day so I didn’t end off on a bad note. When we went on the rides one of my brothers would go with the tour guide and sit in front or behind us and I would usually sit with my parents and my other brother, but once or twice I sat with the tour guide.At Lego land we didn’t have a tour guide but we did get front of the line passes. We went on so many really cool rides there. Every thing was made out of Lego.I rode a Lego car and I got a fake drivers licence, that was my favorite ride. There was this Lego guy sitting on a bench making sleeping noises that had the same hair as my dad so we took a picture of my dad with the statue. When we went for lunch there was another Lego statue saying “Pizza Pizza, Get your pizza here.I had so much fun in Disney world and Lego land.

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