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For the past month or so my class has been doing a debate unit. My group picked a topic to debate over. Our topic was Should We Drink Bottled Or Tap Water we did a little research and then we split our group in two, one side would be debating for bottled and one side would be debating for tap water. I wanted to debate for bottled but four out of the five people wanted bottled. Originally bottled was Kate, Dani and me and tap was Barbara and Hana. Then we had to switch it around. For bottled it was Dani, Hana and me, for tap it was Barbara and Kate. We researched a lot about our topic and we got three reasons and three pieces of evidence for each reason. We did an informal debate and we got feedback on how to make it better for the formal debate. But we had another problem, Barbara was going on vacation and she would leave a week before break. So we only had four people and someone on Bottled had to switch to tap. I volunteered to switch but Hana did instead. Since this was the most important debate we wanted to make our debate stronger. So we gathered pictures, diagrams and quotes. We also prepared great rebuttals. We did a practice debate right before our formal debate. Then we had a problem, we realized that our rebuttals were out of order so we had to switch them. That caused a big argument, we thought that if they went first it would be fixed. It wasn’t. We thought for a while and figured the only solution was we had to switch rebuttals last minute. I was really nervous for the debate. When my teacher called us to come in I started freaking out. When we were going and it was time to rebuttal I had to say what Dani would’ve said.  I was a little to nervous and I showed it. Overall I think this was a pretty good unit and I defiantly learned a lot.

Here is the video of the debate:

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  1. This was an awesome blog post! I really liked how you explained everything with detail, which got me more interested. You did awesome in the debate by the way. Great job!

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