May 2018 archive

#4 Interview

Hello everyone,

One of the requirements for Capstone is an interview. As you know, I am doing interior design. Yesterday I interview a lady named Laurie Scovotti. I think that I got a lot of good information from her because some of the answers were unexpected and I think that is really good because then I have different opinions.

I think that the interview went really well because two of my sub questions were hard to research and she went into a deeper explanation about those questions and I found that, that was really helpful.

I think that might interview another person but just a couple of questions that I can’t find that much research on. I think that I got much more research out of it then I thought I would but maybe if I have a question that Laurie can’t answer or I already asked her and I need a new opinion I will text another interior designer.

Overall I think that my interview was really helpful and she gave me a lot of useful information.

Ellis Island

Hello everyone,

Yesterday my grade went to Ellis Island for a school trip. Earlier in the year we studied immigration and Ellis Island but we didn’t get a chance to go untill yesterday. For our immigration project everyone got a country and they made up a character that would be travaling on steerage to America, they also had to pass through Ellis Island.

I’ve been to Ellis island before in second grade. I went with my grade in my old school. In second grade we did it a little bit differently, we studied our family and our ancestors. We picked one of our family members to study (they had to have immigrated to America) and we also did research on the country they were from.

I had fun on the trip but I think that it was a little more fun went I went in second grade because I had already seen and did most of the things. Overall I think that going to Ellis Island was fun and I learned a lot.

#3 Site Visit

Hello everyone,

One of the things that you have to do for Capstone is a site visit. I’m doing interior design so my mom found a place to go called the Kips Bay Show House. The Kips Bay Show House is where a lot of interior designers all design one room of a big brownstone apartment. They do it every year and it’s only open to people for one month of the year.

There were so many different rooms and so many different styles. My favorite room was a relaxation room because it was different from all of the others and everything there was, was there for a reason and nothing was decoration. Also this room was the only room that we got to meet the designer, his name is Charles Pavarini. I met him and I talked about my project and he told me some cool things about the room. One thing he told me was that rock crystal is the most relaxing stone and he put them throughout the room in one line. He also told me that there was a lighting company called Ketra and you can connect it to be the color of the sun at any time, Ketra also won the 2017 Noble Prize for medicine because it helps people with alzheimer’s disease.

Overall I had so much fun at the Kips Bay Show House and I would definitely go again.

Here is a picture of the relaxation room:

Field Trip to Puruvian Resturant

Hello everyone,

Today my whole grade went on a field trip, with our Spanish teacher to, Pollo a La Brasa which is a puruvian restaurant. We got six different dishes which were split among the table of five. The dishes we got were, Pollo Saltado (chicken and rice), Lomo Saltado (meat and rice), Tallarin Saltado de Carne (meat and noodles), Pescado al Ajo (fish), Ensalada de Verduras (salad), and Chicha Morada (Spanish drink). My favorite dishes were Ensalada de Verduras, Chica Morada and the rice and noodles.

I might go there again with friends but I probably wouldn’t  go with my family because the food isn’t great it’s just mediocre. I also think that the food came too quickly, since we ordered so many dishes they came one at a time but they came like five minutes after each other so we didn’t have time to enjoy the food and we kind of had to rush to finish.

I like this trip because this trip was still educational but we got to learn about Spanish foods and it was much more fun then what we usually do.