Field Trip to Puruvian Resturant

Hello everyone,

Today my whole grade went on a field trip, with our Spanish teacher to, Pollo a La Brasa which is a puruvian restaurant. We got six different dishes which were split among the table of five. The dishes we got were, Pollo Saltado (chicken and rice), Lomo Saltado (meat and rice), Tallarin Saltado de Carne (meat and noodles), Pescado al Ajo (fish), Ensalada de Verduras (salad), and Chicha Morada (Spanish drink). My favorite dishes were Ensalada de Verduras, Chica Morada and the rice and noodles.

I might go there again with friends but I probably wouldn’t  go with my family because the food isn’t great it’s just mediocre. I also think that the food came too quickly, since we ordered so many dishes they came one at a time but they came like five minutes after each other so we didn’t have time to enjoy the food and we kind of had to rush to finish.

I like this trip because this trip was still educational but we got to learn about Spanish foods and it was much more fun then what we usually do.

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