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#7 Capstone Share

Hello everyone,

Today we and yesterday we presented presentations. Yesterday we did it in front of the other classes and today we did it in front of our parents. I wasn’t that nervous in front of the other classes but in front of the parents I got nervous and I forgot a whole sentence. I think that while presenting in front of the parents I talked way to quickly. When I presented for the other class I looked out the window so I didn’t get distracted by other people and when I practiced at home I would always look out my window, so that helped me. But there was no window behind the audience so I couldn’t really look out of a window unless I looked to the side.

I also think that I kept people interested during my speech and they didn’t get bored. Overall I think that it went really well but I could have done a little bit better.

I had a lot of fun during this whole Capstone process but I’m glad that it’s over.

This is the video of me presenting in front of the parents:

#6 Working On My Final Project

Hello everyone,

About a week ago I started working on my final project for Capstone. for your final project you can choose between an Ignite or a TED Talk or a couple of other options but I narrowed it down to those two. At first I wanted to do a TED Talk and I was almost sure that I would do that. Then we went to the computer lab and talked about which we wanted to choose. my computer teacher said that he liked Ignites better and he gave us a lot of the pros of doing Ignites. Than I decided that I was going to do an Ignite. So I started to work on it. After I finished writing the script, making the slideshow, and memorizing all of it I presented in front of the class and I messed up really badly but the thing is, I forgot one word and it messed up my whole thing because of the timing. So after that I decided to do a TED Talk. Since mine was only three minutes and it’s supposed to be about four or more I added a little to my slides and I’m working on talking slower.

I think that the hardest part for me while I was working on the final project was probably the beginning because at first I couldn’t think of what to write or how to write it. But once I started it just got easier and easier. Now probably the hardest part is not getting nervous when presenting in front of a crowd. Overall I think that working on the final project has been the most fun part of the process but i’m really expected to finish the unit and get it over with at the same time.

#5 Answering my Main Inquiry Question

Hello everyone,

To answer our main inquiry question we have to write an essay. I wrote my essay about three of the ways that technology has improved interior design. I think that while writing the essay it was easy to find reasons and examples because I did a lot of research on the three reasons that I choose. When I first heard that we had to do an essay I got really stressed. When we started the project I didn’t know that we had to write an essay. When I started to plan out my essay I realized that it wasn’t as hard as I thought and when I finished my plan I got so much less stressed.

This is my essay for answering my main inquiry question:

Technology has changed many things. Have you ever thought about how much it has changed interior design? Interior design is the process or art of designing the inside of any space. My main inquiry question is, “How have apps, online design sharing sites, and HGTV (Home & Garden Television) affected interior design?” According to Josiah Motley, author at The Next Web, interior design is one of the things that has not been affected by technology that much. But I strongly disagree because there are three or more significant ways that technology has affected interior design. It’s much quicker to get inspiration, it is more budget friendly, and it is easier to communicate with professionals.

My first reason that technology has improved interior design is because it’s easier and quicker to find inspiration. One example is looking at apps or websites like Pinterest or Instagram. Prior to the use of technology in interior design, people used to have to go to multiple stores to find motivation and to view various designs. Now on Pinterest, shoppers can look up anything and it will show pictures, provide ideas, and give inspiration. Interior designer, Laurie Scovotti said that she likes to shop at retailers and then put all of her new ideas on Pinterest on an inspiration board. Another example is that anything can be viewed online and items can be immediately purchased for your own home. This proves that if an app provides inspiration, you can choose to purchase that item without needing to take the time to travel to showrooms or stores to find ideas. There is an app called Hutch that if someone takes a picture of their room and puts it on the app, the app will add furniture and patterns to make your room look better. A third example is that by watching a youtube video of how other people designed their rooms and it may help viewers design their own space.  This shows that technology has made it easier to get inspired in so many ways.

My second reason that technology has improved interior design is because it’s more budget friendly than it used to be. It used to be much more money and only wealthy people could afford an interior designer. Now, anyone can go on a website or an app for free and find things that will look good in their room. There is an app called Wayfair that people use which is free and it helps people find furniture and it gives them ideas for their own spaces. This shows that technology is helping people design their spaces for very little money or no money at all. Also, people can get free apps that will find professional interior designers. Individuals can take an online survey to help them figure out their style and match them with designers that have a similar style. This shows that by getting an app for a few dollars or even for free anyone  can get in touch with a professional interior designer. The designers can then be hired for a few hundred dollars or less to help design rooms and homes. There are also TV shows on HGTV that are included in the price of cable, so for the people who already have cable (and a lot of people do), there is no additional cost. Everyone that has cable can watch HGTV for free and it can help them get ideas to design their homes.

My final reason that technology has improved interior design is because of increased communication.  One way it has helped communication is through the use of emailing and texting. People used to have to go to the store to buy something and then meet with their clients to show it to them. Now, all that someone has to do is look up a picture and send it to your client. This shows that technology is very helpful to interior designers because they could just text or email a picture of something to their client. They no longer have to actually go to the store and then meet with their client each time. Another way technology has improved interior design by communication is that some apps (Roomle, Occipital, etc.) can make a blueprint of a room and you can add furniture. It is easier to understand the structure of a room if there is an example or model of it. It would be easier to explain to a client all of the ideas for the room if there is a 3D model that they can look at while listening to the ideas. Also, the app Occipital can measure your room and it could help to determine if something fits in the room or not.This shows that when a client doesn’t understand what an interior designer is talking about  they can look at a model of the room. Clients can add anything and play around with the apps until they find what they like. People can also get apps that connect them with a professional interior designer and communicate freely over the app. This shows that there are many ways that have made it easier to communicate with an interior designer.

Technology has been very helpful to interior designers and to people looking to redesign their homes, it has improved interior design in general. It has become easier to get inspiration, it is more budget friendly and it is easier to communicate with a client or an interior designer. Technology has improved interior design so much already but how do you think technology will change interior design even more in the future?