#6 Working On My Final Project

Hello everyone,

About a week ago I started working on my final project for Capstone. for your final project you can choose between an Ignite or a TED Talk or a couple of other options but I narrowed it down to those two. At first I wanted to do a TED Talk and I was almost sure that I would do that. Then we went to the computer lab and talked about which we wanted to choose. my computer teacher said that he liked Ignites better and he gave us a lot of the pros of doing Ignites. Than I decided that I was going to do an Ignite. So I started to work on it. After I finished writing the script, making the slideshow, and memorizing all of it I presented in front of the class and I messed up really badly but the thing is, I forgot one word and it messed up my whole thing because of the timing. So after that I decided to do a TED Talk. Since mine was only three minutes and it’s supposed to be about four or more I added a little to my slides and I’m working on talking slower.

I think that the hardest part for me while I was working on the final project was probably the beginning because at first I couldn’t think of what to write or how to write it. But once I started it just got easier and easier. Now probably the hardest part is not getting nervous when presenting in front of a crowd. Overall I think that working on the final project has been the most fun part of the process but i’m really expected to finish the unit and get it over with at the same time.

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