Technology Post #1

Hello everyone,

I just joined a new quarterly class called technology. For the first two days all we did was answer a survey and talk about the rules and the guidelines for the quarter. My teacher, Mr. Calvert, also showed us a lot of tools and how to use them so that we do not hurt ourselves when using them. But then on the third day we did a breakout EDU. That is basically when there is a box with a bunch of locks on them, and you have to look around the room and find the clues to open them. There were two boxes for our class so he split us up in half and we all started working. We were trying to find a key inside of the box to open up to one of the cabinets in the classroom, but only one of the boxes had the key in it. My group opened up our box first but when we opened it, there was nothing inside, so we had to wait (not that long though) for the other group to open the box and get the key. I had a lot of fun finding the clues and opening up the locks, and I hope that I can do something like it again soon.


– Avery


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  1. adickstein25
    April 11, 2019 at 4:54 pm (11 months ago)

    Cool! That sounds fun!


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