Technology Post #4

Hello everyone,

This is my second week of technology and it has been really interesting so far. Today in class we started learning about static electricity and we also continued to learn about atoms. It was kind of confusing and I hope we do more on those topics because I didn’t fully understand it. We talked about the positive, negative, and neutral charges in an atom, and if you rub your feet on a carpet and touch someone’s ear, it will shock them. This is because the negative charges/electrons are gathering up on your feet and they are all let out of your body, and into the other persons body when you shock them.

On Thursday, I was not at school and I heard from people that we started to learn about how the electrons in a battery work and they also used a machine to find out how much voltage was left in a battery. Today we continued to learn about batteries and how they are able to turn lights on. We used a website to make a circut and I learned that the batteries let out electrons which travel through a wire to reach the light bulb. It was very fun and interesting to learn about how circuts work and make a circut on a website.


– Avery


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