Technology Post #5

Hello everyone,

Today we continued to use the website to make a circut, but we tried to make two different paths of lightbulbs, with two switches, but one battery. I was not successful. We also made real circuts ourselves. We used what we learned using the website to make it. I was able to do it after a lot of tries, but most people were not able to do it until they got help, and some were not even able to do it at the end. I think that’s its pretty cool that I now know what goes on inside of a lightbulb.

This is a picture of the circuits that we made, it’s not mine because I already disassembled mine by the time my teacher told us we should take pictures of them and put it on our blogs.

Its the next day and today in class my teacher told us a story of how his neighbor is blind, he told us to come up with helpful things for blind people. We came up with different technologies that could help them with transportation because they can’t see where they’re going. We came up with ideas that have been made but are just not used everywhere, like self-driving cars. We also came up with moon shot ideas, which are ideas that are almost imposible and could definitely not be done any time soon, like teleportation devices. The last thing we came up with are ideas of things that we would like to see in our communities that’s can be made, I said that we should make signs also speak, so that the blind can hear them. It was very interesting to think about new technologies to make it easier for the blind to travel, and I would like to see some of these ideas in real life.

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