Technology Post #6

Hi everybody,

Today in class we continued our conversation about self-driving cars from yesterday. We only had a 29 minute class today because it was the state test, and that takes up two hours of school. The whole class time we mostly just asked my teacher questions about self-driving cars, some of them he could answer, but some he could not. I think that it will be much safer with all self-driving cars on the road, but before our conversation I 100% thought that they were unsafe. The reason why I think that they will be much safer is because all of the cars will not ever go above the speed limit, but also (I find this part very interesting) all of the cars can communicate with each other in some way. For example if one car is going to stop, before it even slows down, it can and will signal to the other cars behind it that it will stop. I think that that will almost fully prevent crashes from happening, and it will be much safer. My teacher said that it will probably be allowed for all people around 2025-2030 and that is much sooner than it sounds. Right now there are self-driving cars, but it is against the law for people to use them, Tesla’s can be used because people are still steering them most of the time. I am really excited for when most cars on the road are self-driving, but I am happy that they are not being used yet because I feel like muy generation is going to be one of the last generations to learn how to drive, and get a drivers license.


– Avery

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