Technology Post #7

Hello everyone,

On Friday my teacher was not there so we watched a movie about Nicola Tesla, it was very informative, but it kept skipping every 25 seconds, so it was not that easy to listen to the video.

Today in class we started to build our switches. They are for our circuits that we are going to make to turn on a light. We have to make three switches each because at the end we are going to play a game with them and cards. To make the switches we get one piece of cardboard (but if we run out there is a scrap bin that we can take from), some tinfoil, and any other items that we need like rubber bands, or tape. We also get to use some of the tools, today we got to use a tool that cuts circles in cardboard, but I forget what it is called. I made my switch by connecting pieces of cardboard like three sides of a box, but the one at the bottom is bigger than the others. Then after I did that, I glued a small ball of tinfoil to two rubber bands. Tomorrow I will connect them and then I will be finished with my switch. It is really fun doing this because up until now we haven’t really used any of the tools, but now we are.


– Avery


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