Technology Post #8

Hello everyone,

Today in class we began working on a new project. We are making solder men out of metal wires. Today we learned how to fold and twist the head and body of the man, but tomorrow I think that we will be using another piece to make the arms and soldering them together. It was really heard to do it because we first had to cut the wire and then we had to twist it in different ways using wires. It was hard because we were working with something so small.

It’s the next day and today in technology we continued to work on our solder men. My teacher taught us how to solder the arms on to the legs, and how to do any other soldering. We only have four solders in the class so I didn’t get to go today. I probably will tomorrow though because today he had to teach us how to do it and that took time. Since I did not solder today, I worked on my switch. I finished my first one, it did not turn out fully as I expected though. It’s the same idea and it works the same way, but I had to add on a lot of things to stabilize it. I also came up with what I want to do with the arms for my solder man. I am going to make a bag and it will be holding that bag. I excited, but kind of scared to solder for the first time in my life, because it can get up to 800 or so degrees.


– Avery

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