Technology Post #9

Hello everyone,

Today I finally got to use the soldering iron. At first when I got there I was really scared to do it. I got everything ready, I put the solder man in the third arms (the things that hold what you are soldering), I put my safety glasses on, and I tied my hair back. Since I was scared I watched someone else do it so I knew how. Then I started, it was actually kind of fun. My favorite part was how the solder just melted right as it touched the soldering iron. First, I added arms to my solder man, I added them going out straight. When I finished soldering, I wet my solder man with a wet sponge to cool it down. Once it was cool I took it out and curved the arms a bit. Then I made a bag for the solder man to hold, I had to solder the bottom and top parts of the bag together. After I did that, I soldered the bag onto the man. Next I tried to make a stand for the person to stand on so it wouldn’t fall down. But that did not work because I added too much solder, so all of it was dripping off of the bottom of the stand, so if I tried to stand it up it would tilt. Also, the stand broke off right after I took it off the third arms. Instead of using the stand I just curved the feet to make them able to stand.


– Avery


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