Technology Post #10

Hello everyone,

I finished all three of my switches yesterday before class was over. So today and yesterday I have been working on challenges. My teacher gave us a bin of wooden blocks all about the same size, and he gave us three pieces of paper with different things to create that were very complicated and they needed to be balanced out very well in order for it to work. I did the first two that he gave me pretty fast, because I had a pretty good strategy. When  I started to do my third one, I could not do it for so long, we could not figure it out for so long (I did it with someone else for the third one). This is because the other two had a certain kind of structure that was the same, but the third on was totally different. In the first two, all of the blocks were close together and they helped each other balance, but in the third one, they were very spread out. It was really fun to do because I did not know how they were going to turn out until the end. Also, for the third one, we got it right at the end of class right before the bell rang, which was pretty cool because we left class having done it when we had been trying almost the entire class time to do it.


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