Technology Post #11

Hello everybody,

I just finished my flashlight! It has been such a long process, but it was all fun. At the beggining, we had to learn how to draw out the shapes of the pieces on a piece of big graph paper. After we finished that we moved onto making our diagrams for the flashlight. It had to be excactly to scale and every curve had to be right. Then we had to draw the wires and measure them to make them the right size. We were able to do that by using a story line. Next we could finally begin with the actual flashlight. I finished my diagram in abut two days, but it took some people about a week. To start the actual flashlight, first I cut the wires and skinned the edges of them off to make it easier to solder them. Then, since none of the soldering irons were open, I cut my pipe. I used a saw and cut it three and a half inches. The next day the solders we ready, but I lost all of my wires! So I had to cut them and skin them all over again. Once I did that I was able to solder. After I soldered I got all of the pipes and wires together, and I cut holes in the pipes where the switch and the lights would go. Then I put the wires in and sealed it up and I was finished making it! Finally, I drew on it to make it look pretty. Overall, I had a lot of fun making my flashlight and I learned a lot.


– Avery


P.S. This is a picture of my finished flshlight:



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