Technology Post #12

Hello everyone,

At the beginning of making the flashlights my teacher told us a story about these boys that were stuck in a cave for nine days and it was dark in the cave. So that led us to trying to make water proof flashlights. I did not know if my flashlight was water proof, I just had to try and put everything in tightly and hope that it would work. Last night I went home and tested in under my sink. It was water proof! It is so cool. Making the flashlight was so much fun. I never really thought about what goes into making such a simple thing like a flashlight because all it does is turn on a light, and turn it off. It turns out that a lot of work actually goes into making a single flashlight. There has to be a battery and a switch and certain positive and negative wires. The positive and negative wires or sides on the battery were probably the most confusing and hardest to remember part. The reason is that they all had to go on certain sides and then I might forget what side they went on and I had to go back and ask someone, which could take a while. Overall I had a lot of fun making my flashlight.


– Avery

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