Technology Post #13

Hello everybody,

For the past few weeks I have been working on my automata in technology. An automata is a simple machine that uses cams and followers to make something go up and down, spin, etc. For my automata, I am making a penguin which goes on top, spin and go up and down. I will also make the wings flap.

First to make this, you have to start by making a box without sides, to a certain length, width, and height. Then we have to stabilize the box with little triangular pieces of cardboard so the box was not floppy. After we did that we had to put our cam and followers in. To do that we needed to poke holes in the right place to put the axle in, and we had to make cams and put them on the box. After that we had to add the follower. First to do that, you have to poke a hole in the top and put in the axle, then make a follower. After you finish that you have to glue some things together and then you are done with the base. For my top I am making a penguin go up and down, and the wings are going to flap down, and up. Today, I just finished cutting out the penguin and attaching it to my box, and tomorrow I am going to make the bottom blue and then I am done.

I had a lot of fun building my automata and I am excited to finish it tomorrow.


– Avery

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