Technology Post #3

Hello everyone,

This week we started to mesure and cut the pieces of our boxes. First we got a big piece of wood and we had to measure out the size if our top and bottom to cut it out. First we learned how to use a hand saw but I never got to use it because I wasn’t ready for it. The next day we learned how to use a miter box saw. It is a saw placed directly in the middle of a bed of wood, which the wood goes on top of.

This is a miter box saw looks like:


After we cut the top and bottom of the wood, we had to figure out the dimensions of the sides. Since the top and bottom are also 1/2 an inch tall, you need to subtract 1 inch altogether. So I measured out all of the sides. My sides were all 2 inches tall instead of 3 inches because I subtracted the 1/2 inches for the top and bottom. Next I think that we will start cutting our sides. Thanks for reading my blog!


– Avery

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