Hey Guys,


I went to California over winter break. It was so much fun. My family stayed in Hollywood at this really fun hotel. We saw so many cool things. These are just some of the things we did. One cool thing was that when we looked out of our window we saw the Hollywood sign, But it was pretty far away so one of the activities we did was hiking to the Hollywood sign. When we got close enough to the Hollywood sign we took pictures and we got this great picture of me wearing my sunglasses looking like a movie star. It was awesome! We hiked with our family friends, but they didn’t go all the way. Another fun thing we did was go to Universal Studios. We went with our other family friends. When we went we did cool rides and we got a tour of where they filmed the movies. The lines were so long so we bought front of the line passes, which was great because if we didn’t it would take us 2 hours to go on a 5 minute ride. But instead it was only about a five minute wait (or less some rides were only a 2 minute wait). The next fun things we did was go on the WB studio tour which is where you get to see the places your favorite shows or movies were filmed. I also got to see my cousins one of them already graduated collage and the other one is a grown up. When we saw my cousin that is a grown up we went to the restaurant that he works at (he is the head chef) we got so much food and we got to go to the kitchen to see where they cooked.When we saw my other cousin (he was with his girlfriend) we went to La Brea Tar Pits which is where you see the bones of some animals that came out of pits of tar and then we got to see the pits of tar. We did so many cool things in California and I highly recommend going there.


Hello everybody,


this summer will be my third year of camp at Tyler Hill, and I’m so exited. We do lots of fun activities at camp such as, gymnastics, cooking, swimming, basketball, soccer and much more. We also get time to hang out with our friends. A couple weeks ago I went shopping with my camp friends at Denny’s for camp stuff. We got a lot of matching outfits. At camp you get to bring a lot of your own stuff to make your bunk look nicer and to make it more like home. At the end of everyday at camp we do a different activity such as, scavenger hunt, trash fashion show (where you make an outfit for one member of your bunk out of unused garbage bags), plays based off of a theme and each person in the age group puts one item into there bunks ┬álaundry bag, every group gets one laundry bag and the items in it are used to act out the play, every night at camp we have a different evening activity. Camp has so many fun things to do and I love going to camp.


Hello everyone,


When I was little I went to Italy. It was so much fun! I went to 4 different places in Italy. I went to Florence, Pisa, Venice and Rome. We stayed in 3 different hotels because we didn’t sleep in Pisa we went to Pisa for 6 hours. All the hotels that we went to were really good and they were like apartments because we got our own kitchen, living room, dining room and much more. We did so many things. One thing that we did was see the Leaning Tower Of Pisa. We got a tour guide/picture taker to take us around. Another thing we did was go in a water taxi. We did that every day when we were in Venice because Venice is full of water so that’s the only way to get around. I also went in a gondola witch was pretty boring because I was little and gondola are slow and when you’re little you like fast things. We also went to a lot of cool restaurants and the food was so good. The only foods I ate in Italy were pizza, pasta, bread and gelato. We did a lot of fun things in Italy.

Spring Break

Hi everyone,


I’m so exited for spring break! Even though I’m not going anywhere I’m doing a lot of fun things. One thing that I’m going to do is see my cousins. They don’t live close to me so I don’t get to see them a lot but I always have fun when they come or I go see them. Another thing I’m doing is a gymnastics camp and I love gymnastics so I’m so exited to do it. I’m also going to my grandparents house because it’s Passover. They have a party every year on the first night of Passover and it’s really fun because I get to see some of my cousins (not the ones that live far away from me), my grandma makes the best matzo ball soup and she makes it for Passover. Another thing I’m doing is my family is hosting people for the second night of Passover so that means I get to see more of my cousins, the same ones again and my grandmother on the other side of the family. I love hosting people for party because I like setting up for the party and I also love the party. I’m also having a sleepover and I have a gymnastics competition. The last thing I’m doing is celebrating my mom’s birthday. It’s going to be so much fun. I’m so exited for spring break for so many reasons.

Read Aloud: Star Girl – Jot 1

Hillary Kimball used to have power over everyone but now Star Girl does. I know this because at the start of the book Hillary “held court” and everyone agreed with her statement because they didn’t want to get on her “bad side”. But now everyone is following Star Girl around. I know this because at the school football game she was in the court during halftime doing dances and only a couple of people went, but at the next game 1,000 people went just to see her dance the only people that didn’t come was Hillary and her boy friend just because they want to get all of the attention. Another example that I know that Star Girl gets all the attention is when a cheerleader invited her to be on the cheerleading team Over 100 people came to watch cheer practice just to see her. Now instead of Hillary getting all of the attention Star Girl does.

Independent Reading: Jot 1 – Boys Against Girls

The Hartford’s are starting to like the Malloy’s. I know this because they were smiling at each other at the table and wally was thinking that if the Malloy’s weren’t there then he would be really board. He was also thinking that if the Malloy’s were not at Thanksgiving he would be sitting at dinner and talking about boring things instead of smiling and trying not to laugh. He’s also thinking that if his old friends were there they would be doing something fun but they wouldn’t be pranking each other and keeping secrets from their parents about the pranking. He’s also realizing that the Malloy’s are not all that bad.

Book Clubs: The War With Grandpa – Jot 2

I think Peter is starting to feel bad for grandpa and sad that he started the whole war. Peter is starting to realize that his grandpa is a great guy. He is also realizing that it’s not grandpas fault that he took Peters room. I think he’s realizing all of this because he’s having a great time with his grandpa going fishing and grandpa is being so nice to him. I think he is also remembering when he was little and that he played with his grandpa all the time. He’s remembering how much fun they used to have together. Maybe he’s thinking that the war is a bad idea because he wants to have fun and play like he and his grandpa used to.

Book Clubs: The War With Grandpa – Jot 1

Peter is so mad that his grandpa is coming to live in his house with him because his grandfather will get his room and Peter has to move upstairs into the guest room. Peters grandfather has a bad leg so he can’t walk up 3 flights of stairs to get to the guest room, that’s why he’s moving into Peters room.I predict that Peter and his grandfather will start to prank each other. I think that Peter will start to like his new room and at the end of the book grandpas leg will get better and they will switch rooms which means that Peter will get his room back.

Writing Long and Strong on Jots-Character

Madame Dufee says that everybody will live a long happy life even if it’s not true.I know that because David asked about his mom and she said that his mom will live a long happy life but David’s mom is dead. She thinks that she can tell the future of everybody. She can’t. I think David is asking about his mom because he misses his mom and he wants to know everything about her.