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My Family – Ignite

Hello everyone,

This week everyone in my class made a 90 second Ignite story we could do whatever topic we wanted. I did it about my family. Since it has to be seven slides (including an introduction and conclusion) I did my two brothers, my mom, my dad, and my cat.

Today some people presented theirs in class, I volunteered. After my presentation I got some feedback. My computer teacher said that it was really good and that it was almost perfect timing but my transitions weren’t that good. I had a lot of fun making my Ignite and I think that my favorite part was making the slideshow and my least favorite part was memorizing my script.

My teacher was supposed to video tape all of our presentation but since I was the first one she forgot.

This is my slideshow:


Coding – #1

Hello everyone,

Today in school I made a project on scratch. Scratch is a website where you can code to make movies, games, etc. Since I am just learning how to use Scratch, I use the tutorials to help me. I made a hide and seek game. It’s not very long but it was fun to make. I like how you can basically do anything on Scratch, you can choose your character, background and much more. Scratch teaches you how to code using many things and it’s fun. All you have to do is tap on the characters when thay appear. Unfortunately the score doesn’t work but everything else does. I had such a good time making my game on scratch and I will definetly be making another one soon.

This is my Hide And Seek Scratch video/game:

Coding – #2

Hello everyone,
Today I made another coding game using the website Tynker. I like Tynker because it gives you a lot of different things to do. For example,  you can make your own game or movie, you can use a tutorial, or you can do a different coding tutorial that gives you different levels. On Tynker I made a big monster with a moving mouth and googly eyes. One of the eyes follows the curser but the other eye goes on it’s own.

Here is my googly eyes game:

Reflection On Rocketry Presentation

Hello Everyone,

Today we had our rocketry presentations. I was so nervous I had butterflies in my stomach. During our rocketry unit we built and launched three rockets with our groups. There were 4 people in each group. My group name was the Radical Rockets. during our unit we also had to make slideshow of the process. When we finished our whole slideshow we had to work on memorizing all of our lines. I’m really bad at memorizing so I had to read through my lines so much. Before the presentations I was so nervous and I was also nervous while presenting. When I looked at the parents I kept forgetting my lines but when I looked at my friends I remembered, I think I got nervous when I looked at the parents and that’s why I forgot my lines. I  stuttered once but the rest was really good. When I was done I felt so relived and so happy that it was finished. I loved the rocketry unit but presenting in front of my parents just made me scared. I came so far, from not knowing how to build a rocket, to becoming an expert.

This is the video of our rocketry slideshow:

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