Capstone – Site Visit

Hello everyone,

One of the things that you have to do for Capstone is a site visit. I’m doing interior design so my mom found a place to go called the Kips Bay Show House. The Kips Bay Show House is where a lot of interior designers all design one room of a big brownstone apartment. They do it every year and it’s only open to people for one month of the year.

There were so many different rooms and so many different styles. My favorite room was a relaxation room because it was different from all of the others and everything there was there for a reason and nothing was decoration. Also this room was the only room that we got to meet the designer, his name is Charles Pavarini. I met him and I talked about my project and he told me some cool things about the room. One thing he told me was that rock crystal is the most relaxing stone and he put them throughout the room in one line. He also told me that there was a lighting company called Ketra and you can connect it to be the color of the sun at any time.

Overall I had so much fun at the Kips Bay Show House and I would definitely go again.

Here is a picture of the relaxation room:

Capstone #2 – Main Inquiry and Sub Questions

Hello everyone,

One of the main things we have to do in our Capstone projects is research. Our research focuses on one certain thing, a question. Everyone comes up with a question that they would like to research about. My teacher gave us a rubric and it helped us come up with a good question. After we got the base of our question we edited it and made it better. Once we finished that we had to come up with five sub questions based off of the question. I first I had no clue what to do for my question and I got really stressed. Then I came up with a base to my question and I kept revising it and adding on to it to make it better. My final question is, How have the seven elements of interior design made it easier and/or harder for interior designers to do there work and how can it be improved and made easier?

After I was happy with my question I started working on my sub questions. I found that it was really hard to come up with sub questions based off of my question. Some of my friends had questions that were easier to make sub questions out of. After I thought about it for a while I finally came up with all sub questions! I was so relived!

After a little while of researching I found that there weren’t many websites to research about my questions. I met with my teacher and we discussed.  I decided to change my main inquiry question too, How have apps, online design sharing sites, and HGTV affected interior design? I also changed all of my sub questions.I’m so happy I finished coming up with my sub questions and I’m excited to research my topic!


Capstone #1 – Choosing A Topic

Hello everyone,

My class just started a project called Capstone. A  Capstone project is where, first you choose a topic and then do a bunch of research, interview someone, and do a site visit. Today I’m going to focus on choosing a topic. My teacher wanted us to keep an open mind about what to do so we don’t just pick something that we think will be easy but we pick something that interests us. To help us choose a good topic she gave us a packet with questions on it like, “what do you collect” and “if you could invent something what would it be?”. I think this packet was helpful because if you can’t think of a topic you can look back at some of your answers and it will help you come up with one.

After thinking about it for a while I think that I’m going to choose interior designing. I want to do interior designing because ever since I was about eight I’ve wanted to be an interior designer. I think that interior designing interests me so much because I like turning an ugly, cluttered space into a beautiful, organized one.

I met with my teacher a couple of times to discuss my topic. We talked about doing something more specific then just interior design. We found this website that had the seven elements of interior design, I wanted to learn more about that specific part of interior design.