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Book Clubs: Eight Keys – Jot 1

So far in the book Eight Keys I don’t understand why it’s a mystery because the keys don’t lead to something mysterious. The key just lead to a room with pictures of her mom and a chair with a bear sitting on it and it the bears hand there was a letter from her dad that he wrote before he died (Elise’s parents both died when she was little). The letter didn’t have anything that had to do with mystery in it. I’m thinking that the mystery is having to find the keys and seeing what’s inside each room. I also think that part of the adventure is getting to know her parents a little bit more. Over all I don’t think the book has that much mystery in it.

Book Clubs: The War With Grandpa – Jot 2

I think Peter is starting to feel bad for grandpa and sad that he started the whole war. Peter is starting to realize that his grandpa is a great guy. He is also realizing that it’s not grandpas fault that he took Peters room. I think he’s realizing all of this because he’s having a great time with his grandpa going fishing and grandpa is being so nice to him. I think he is also remembering when he was little and that he played with his grandpa all the time. He’s remembering how much fun they used to have together. Maybe he’s thinking that the war is a bad idea because he wants to have fun and play like he and his grandpa used to.

Book Clubs: The War With Grandpa – Jot 1

Peter is so mad that his grandpa is coming to live in his house with him because his grandfather will get his room and Peter has to move upstairs into the guest room. Peters grandfather has a bad leg so he can’t walk up 3 flights of stairs to get to the guest room, that’s why he’s moving into Peters room.I predict that Peter and his grandfather will start to prank each other. I think that Peter will start to like his new room and at the end of the book grandpas leg will get better and they will switch rooms which means that Peter will get his room back.