Tech Post #6 – Plastics recycling

The plastic I can’t recycle is plastic bags and they can be really bad for the environment but Scarsdale does not take it to be recycled. If there was a way to recycle I definitely would because it’s really bad for the environment. My family and I did find away to recycle plastic bags because if you go to stop and shop or decicos you can recycle your plastic bags there and I am  pretty sure they take it to a place we’re they can recycle it. This doesn’t require to much effort because it’s a small drive or even a small bike ride. I would and have done this lots of times.

Tech may 14

Today I will be writing about something cool I learned in class. I thought it was really cool to learn about how different types of woods are made and how each type of wood has a specific purpose. Like hardwood are mainly used for the inside of houses like beds and some walls. Another thing about wood that I found interesting was that wood can sometimes be unnatural. Then it would be engineered woods. I found it cool how people adjusted wood to serve the purposes they need with the engineered wood. Thank you for reading today’s blog post.

Portfolio blog post 3

In this blog post I will be answering question number two. I think that before all this technology was added to timber harvesting it must have been really hard, tiring, slow and dangerous to do this. I think that one of the main problems would be how slow it would be because they need to do it all just by themselves and have to use actual human strength. Also that would be very tiring so they would slow down quickly. I think that they used tools that made it easier to push things like some sort of thing in wheels. I think I would make like a realer coaster type thing to get the logs all the way.

Blog 2

This blog is about how boys talk more then girls in zoom class but girls email the teachers more. I think that this happens maybe because the bots have more friends in their class so they feel more comfortable talking out loud. I also think another reason could be that boys play more online video games so they are more used to talking out loud to lots of people online. Even if they don’t know them to well. I also think this could be random because in school I think everyone talks basically the same amount so it could just be a coincidence

Tech blog 6

In tech we had to make a sauter person doing something. At this time my brothers birthday was coming up and I wanted to make something for him and this would be perfect. The first step to this was to get brass and form it the way we wanted it to look. After this we sautred it together and it looked so normal and like everyone’s so I wanted to make it special. I decided to add a sword and shield and it looked  lity. This was it and I was really proud to give it to my brother.He loved it. Continue reading

Tech post 5

In class when Mr Calvert was gone we watched a documentary on Nikola Tesla. Besides the fact of how scratchy the film was I learned a lot and it was very entertaining. He was born in 1856 and died in a hotel in New York in 1943. When he migrated to America he made leaps in electricity and more. He even invented the type of light we use now.

Tech blog 4

In tech we learned about circuits and how they work. We started learning this bye going in to this game like thing and trying to make a circuit that would make a lamp light up. After I figured out what pieces     did what this was pretty easy and I was exited to do it in real life. Surprisingly in real life it was practically the same and I learned to do many lights at a time.

Blog 3 tech

in class we watched an IBM movie and it was so cool because they only used atoms witch are tiny little things that make up everything. Due to the fact that they are so small the producers had to use a special tool to zoom in on them so we (the watchers) could see what was going on. It amazes me that everything is made out of atoms. Even humans!!!

Blog 2 tech

In technology, we learned about atoms and the periodic table.  There can be different amounts of protons and neutrons to make different elements. Protons are positive and they have a different effect on elements and neutrons are negative. We also learned all about the periodic table and how to read it.

Tech Blog 1

For the last three in my new quarterly technology, we have been learning about safety and how machines work. For this breakout, we had many locks on a box and clues hidden around a room. The first clue we had was a piece of paper with a bunch of rules for the class and as a team, we had to figure out the order of rules and enter that into a lock. After we did that we found an invisible thing and opened it but came second place. In the end, I learned the thing that made my team work best was teamwork.