Write long strong on jots-Character

Post it : Dad says we all know Jessie is the smartest in the house when brother of Jessie is+ in the house and Evan the brother fells like he got a swift kick to the face.

This makes me think that Evan is a sensitive character. On the other hand Jessie is really smart so she got moved up a grade  because she is so smart and she is younger then Even so it would be embarrassing. I think when he says that Jessie felt really good about her self but also feels bad for Evan.

Welcome to 2016-2017!

It’s a brand new school year and school.I’m super exited to see my school and see my teacher and the kids at the school.I miss were I use to live and it’s school so I hope it is kind of like my other school.My teachers name is Mrs Rago. and she is really funny and loves reading and one of her favorite author is Kate Di Camillo. She also likes writing a lot.In this school I play basketball in our my time. So far I like this school and it’s not any harder then my other school. One of the things I like more about this school is the basketball but I also miss my other schools tether ball.