Dude perfect

Dude perfect is one of my favorite you tube channels. They do funny and rely cool videos. Some of my favorite videos are the funny ones. They make stereotypes rely funny. I also like their sports videos videos so below I have some of their videos.If you like it subscribe to them.Click read more.

Harry potter

Hi guys I love reading so I know a lot of books and one of my favorite is Harry Potter. Before I get in to what the book is a long . This book is based on a a world of magic and there is a bad person named Voldemort who wants to kill the main character harry potter. This book is a series of 7 books . Each book has 1 way Voldemort try’s to kill harry potter. I wish I could tell you a lot more but you will need to read the books to find out the cool stuff. Bellow their is a video

The mummy

Hi everybody I love scry fast rides so I am going to write about a fun ride called the mummy in Image result for universal studios in Los Angeles . I like the ride mummy because 1 It is the fastest ride in the park but not the funnest . The funnest is in harry potter world but that is a different story. On the mummy their is one part were you stop and these little things come on you that are wet and you here a huge voice scaring you. You also see fake arms coming out of the sealing. They are not real but it is UNIVERSAL so what can I say. It also takes some stops and then you start launching  backwards. Bellow there is a video  if you want to see what it is like. When you are watching they may or may not talk about the little things or may not see hands are here the voice so know it is always better to  go there unless you are to scared. Please comment of you like it. To some the video might be scary.

Spring break

Hi people I cant wait for spring break because I think I am going to California.The exact place I am going to is called Davis  is near Sacramento so their is lots of fun places near. I a exited about going to California 1 because it is hot and I like hot and 2 because I get to see all my friends . If your wondering why I said my friends in California  is because that is were I used to live.  In California there are many fun things to do for example  you can go to a water park like Sun Splash or if you do not want to get wet you can go to a amusement park called Six Flags. I also like California because I have a lot of family living their. In Davis you can drive to many places from their for example Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Luis and some more. Those are the reasons I am exited for going to California in spring break. If you want to see one ride in Sun Splash this is a great example. This is a good example but just skip to the ride. I went on this ride