Spring break

Hi people I cant wait for spring break because I think I am going to California.The exact place I am going to is called Davis  is near Sacramento so their is lots of fun places near. I a exited about going to California 1 because it is hot and I like hot and 2 because I get to see all my friends . If your wondering why I said my friends in California  is because that is were I used to live.  In California there are many fun things to do for example  you can go to a water park like Sun Splash or if you do not want to get wet you can go to a amusement park called Six Flags. I also like California because I have a lot of family living their. In Davis you can drive to many places from their for example Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Luis and some more. Those are the reasons I am exited for going to California in spring break. If you want to see one ride in Sun Splash this is a great example. This is a good example but just skip to the ride. I went on this ride




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