1st step

I love rocketry and I am looking forward to building and launching our rockets. The first thing we had to do was collect information and pictures to make are inspiration boards that will later on help us build our rockets. This part was really fun and funny because It was fun to learn about rockets and Isaac Newton.From studying Isaac Newton I learned how his ideas can help us during rocketry . When my group had are research and I was proud of what I printed and what  I researched we were going to share and start are inspiration boards. When we started to share we noticed we all had the same pictures of fins and of diagrams so we cut some of them out and ended using half the stuff we had.


Inspiration board

I am really proud of my inspiration board because It gives my group a layout of what to do and good ideas for parts of are rocket. I also loved how it looked.On our inspiration we had how our rocket is going to look. It will basically be a bottle raped in metallic tape and our fins blue yellow and pink. Throughout this stage of making or inspiration board I got frustrated at one thing and that was that we wasted a lot of paper and ink with the same ideas.


Post it and lesson

The next step was us using post its to write how our ideas will help us.This was a easy and short step so there is not so much writing. Next we did the part I am most proud of our draft which had all our ideas and would eventually be a rocket.Today October 12  I think my group had the most progress because we had assigned different jobs so we got a lot done for example when Lexi and me were making the wings Asher was inside making our design for the three d  printer.One thing that happened that really frustrated me was that when we made the wings and we forgot to leave a place for the hot glue to stick the wings to the bottle. I also think I learned to think of every affect of the thing we do before we do It .


Throughout this whole experience I have learned that to get the most progress done you have to work as a team and make plans before you do something. I LOVE ROCKETRY. 



   2.HERE IS HOW I LIKED NEW TOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                      




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