In the book, Fish In A Tree by  Lynda Mullaly Hunt the character Ally Nickerson has dyslexia which is a disability that is characterized by difficulty reading. Since she has this disability she gets bullied and made fun of. She uses a strategy of getting in trouble to get away from the reading and writing. I think this affects how she interacts with the world and people in it because it makes people think bad of her because she avoids reading and writing in ways that embarrass herself. I also think because she does not tell anyone about her disability she feels very alone and she feels no one can help her because she doesn’t tell anyone. I think she is very pessimistic because she doesn’t trust people can help her. have a prediction because of her disability and how she gets bullied she is more sympathetic towards animals and other people.I think when she is alone she gets sad thinks badly of herself.I also think she wishes someone would understand her.

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