Capstone Deciding On A Topic And Questions

 In our class, we are doing capstone. It is a research-based project where you choose a topic and then research it, you do most of it in school.

This past week I went through a struggle of deciding a topic. The way I figured out a topic was brainstorming a bunch of topics then eliminating bad ones until the final 2 then I decided which one would have more resources. Yesterday and the day before, we brainstormed questions about our topics and mine is sleep. What I did was think of questions and those questions generated more. My main question that will guide my research is “Why do we sleep and how does it help your body develop?” My sub-questions are “what are the effects of not getting enough sleep”,” How can we help people who don’t get enough sleep”, “how and why do you sleep with your eyes open”, “what is the average amount of sleep time and why”.  

Right now we are working on finding websites and books to help us do my research.This is a hard step for me because my topic is a little bit advanced so I have to find good search terms that will get me some good kid resources. I love researching my topic because it is interesting and has a lot of subtopics and interesting things like how does a person who does not get enough sleep compare to somebody that does.


Nerdy Derby

Today we did a thing called nerdy derby. This is a thing where one builds a car and races it against other cars that people made.In this Curious on the Hudson came in to do this hands-on maker project. The first step to doing this was thinking about how the wheels would work and attaching them to wood. I was working with max on this and we decided that since the course had a starting ramp and then a hill to go up we would make our car heavy to get a good start. Mak and I also put a straw on ours to make in aerodynamic.Threw this process we had to make sure we made it equal weight.This will help us so our cars don’t make turns. We also thought about ways to make it look good without ruining the cars.During the races I lost to at the start then added a cork to make it heavy, I also put paper clips on it to balance out the weight. After this, I won A good amount. FYI Max and I did not make the same car.


In the book, Fish In A Tree by  Lynda Mullaly Hunt the character Ally Nickerson has dyslexia which is a disability that is characterized by difficulty reading. Since she has this disability she gets bullied and made fun of. She uses a strategy of getting in trouble to get away from the reading and writing. I think this affects how she interacts with the world and people in it because it makes people think bad of her because she avoids reading and writing in ways that embarrass herself. I also think because she does not tell anyone about her disability she feels very alone and she feels no one can help her because she doesn’t tell anyone. I think she is very pessimistic because she doesn’t trust people can help her. have a prediction because of her disability and how she gets bullied she is more sympathetic towards animals and other people.I think when she is alone she gets sad thinks badly of herself.I also think she wishes someone would understand her.

A Long Walk To Water

In my class, we are reading a book called A Long Walk To Water. Leadership is very important in this book. I think to have good effective leadership you have to have a certain skill set and things to make you stand out. In the book we are reading, the main character’s uncle has that certain skill-set and things to make him stand out. One of the skills he has is  he knows how to divide things between people and not be greedy. This is very useful because if your greedy that then you’ll hog everything and no one will respect you. Another skill leaders need to have is a way to boost and encourage their teammates are people who they are leading. In this book the leader encourages the protagonist because they have to walk a lot so he breaks it up things a little steps by saying things like oh walk to that tree then after that he says oh you have to walk to that bush and eventually they made it very far, which shows that he has the skill set to be a good leader. There’s one more thing good leaders need to have which is something to stand out for example food. in this book the leader has a weapon which he can use to protect them and get food. 

I think the protagonist Salva has some of these good qualities because he has a fair mind and if he hunted something he would always share with the whole group. I also noticed the protagonist is very giving and he would give away his water if he had to and water is very scarce where they were.He demonstrates these leadership by being very empathetic and would never move on without someone.Another thing that makes Salva an exceptional leader is his determination.In the non fiction book Salva goes through a lot of problems including people that he cared about dying but he powered through it. Now he is leading the nonprofit organization Water for Sudan and made the quote “Keep walking”. 


Salvas strategy to take things bit by bit could help anyone in their life. This strategy is very good because if you were stressed and you still had to complete hard assignment like an essay you coul that could help you get a lot of work done and make you want to keep going.This can help you because you can keep pushing when you feel that you can’t go any further.This strategy can also help you have more faith in yourself. 

Perseverance  is really important in this story but also in life.I think perseverance  is very important in life because it can help you never give up if you are in a tough situation.This is also very important because you cannot move on without perseverance. For example if I am playing a sport and I miss a shot I won’t give up if I have perseverance.



Gol questions

Gol is a cow, but Katherine Applegate (author of Home of The Brave) also uses her as a symbol. How does Gol represent Kek’s past, present, and possibly his future?   

I think Gol takes Kek back to  some of his memories because he was a herder in his old life and so was his family. When he hugs his cow he remembers some of his memories with cows and memories with his family. I think the cow helps him like a camera because it brings him back like i said and since he does not have a phone he cant take photos so the cow is his camera. I think cows are a symbol of Keks future because it gives Kek hope.I think Gol gives Kek what he needs to stay not so depressed because it brings him back to his old life. Kek has a future with Gol because Gol I think is like keks daughter because Kek cares for her so much.  I wonder if Kek will ever see Gol again? Will Keks mom ever come to see Gol. 

ROCKETRY LAUNCH ONE after your done with this post go on to my other more informative posts.

Today in rocketry we did our first launch it was amazing.We were in the back of the famous Heathcote field at 9 am.  We got 35 M it was super cool I really like launching a rocket since I got to do super cool job which was pumping the air into our Rockets which is really fun.I also got to set up the rocket on the launch pad so I got to get really a close up look at the launch pad. We added to an extension to a rocket as you might know,  now are rocket has a longer top and are nosecone is higher on our rocket.Now that we did that we had this little Area with nothing so we decided to put a Smurf in it. Anyway that is how it looked. In my launch went 3rd and are nose cone came loose when are rocket came down because of all the impact. When I was watching it it was as if time stood still. Today we finished are second rocket it is amazing. We used what worked last time and what didn’t work and took it into consecration . Now ares has smaller wings  and a 3.5 width nose cone .Are second launch rocket is done and it looks just like I thought it would .I feel exited and hopeful and I cant wait.Here are some good photos and videos.Try to pause the video at 8 seconds and 11 seconds. For the second video watch from 47 seconds after you watched the normal thing.     












The City Of Ember

Om and I just started a book called THE CITY OF EMBER. So far I like the starting setting because they describe it so well for example It says”In the city of ember ,the sky was always dark . The only light came from great flood lamps mounted on top of buildings in the middle of larger squares . So far the story has been about then main character Lina is getting her job she gets the one were you have to work in the sewers to fix the light generator and Lina dose not want to do that but a friend named Doon wants to do that but I think he has plans to shut down all the power when he gets control.

——————————————————————————————————————————————–  October 12,2017

if she gets found switching  she will be in a lot of trouble]I think Lina will get bored of being a messenger and just carrying stuff and will regret switching jobs]I think that Lina will find out that a town she always drew is or was real]I think Lina did not like school because she said now i wont have to worry about the fate of  tomorrow[I think running is the reason she wanted to do mail.

——————————————————————————————————————————————–  October  13 2017

In the part of the book I read Doon hated is job in the sewer because he dose not get to go near the light generator and when he gets to see it he thought he could know why it is breaking down with a look but he cant so he is really put down and he regrets trading jobs. I also learned Lisas dad died and right when he died the generator started breaking down so I think he was the only one who understood it.



1st step

I love rocketry and I am looking forward to building and launching our rockets. The first thing we had to do was collect information and pictures to make are inspiration boards that will later on help us build our rockets. This part was really fun and funny because It was fun to learn about rockets and Isaac Newton.From studying Isaac Newton I learned how his ideas can help us during rocketry . When my group had are research and I was proud of what I printed and what  I researched we were going to share and start are inspiration boards. When we started to share we noticed we all had the same pictures of fins and of diagrams so we cut some of them out and ended using half the stuff we had.


Inspiration board

I am really proud of my inspiration board because It gives my group a layout of what to do and good ideas for parts of are rocket. I also loved how it looked.On our inspiration we had how our rocket is going to look. It will basically be a bottle raped in metallic tape and our fins blue yellow and pink. Throughout this stage of making or inspiration board I got frustrated at one thing and that was that we wasted a lot of paper and ink with the same ideas.


Post it and lesson

The next step was us using post its to write how our ideas will help us.This was a easy and short step so there is not so much writing. Next we did the part I am most proud of our draft which had all our ideas and would eventually be a rocket.Today October 12  I think my group had the most progress because we had assigned different jobs so we got a lot done for example when Lexi and me were making the wings Asher was inside making our design for the three d  printer.One thing that happened that really frustrated me was that when we made the wings and we forgot to leave a place for the hot glue to stick the wings to the bottle. I also think I learned to think of every affect of the thing we do before we do It .


Throughout this whole experience I have learned that to get the most progress done you have to work as a team and make plans before you do something. I LOVE ROCKETRY. 



   2.HERE IS HOW I LIKED NEW TOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                      





Hi today I made a french dessert called creme brulee. This was a nice dish and a simple dish. I creme brulee has a hard caramel layer on the top then on then when you crack it there will be a creamy nice bottom. Here is one very simple Recipie that everyone should know how to make.

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
  2. Whisk 3 tablespoons sugar and cream in a microwave-safe bowl until well combined; heat the mixture in microwave until warm, 1 to 2 minutes, and whisk again to dissolve sugar. Whisk in egg yolks and vanilla extract until smooth.
  3. Pour cream mixture into 2 ramekins. Set ramekins into a roasting pan and pour in enough hot water to reach halfway up the sides of the ramekins.
  4. Bake in the preheated oven until creme desserts are set but still slightly jiggly when shaken, about 50 minutes. Remove ramekins from hot water and chill in refrigerator until cold, at least 2 hours.
  5. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of sugar evenly over the top of each dessert. Use a kitchen torch to lightly toast and melt the sugar topping until brown and bubbly, about 30 seconds. Let the sugar topping cool before serving. To serve, use a spoon to crack the crisp sugar open to reveal the creamy dessert underneath