Capstone Deciding On A Topic And Questions

 In our class, we are doing capstone. It is a research-based project where you choose a topic and then research it, you do most of it in school.

This past week I went through a struggle of deciding a topic. The way I figured out a topic was brainstorming a bunch of topics then eliminating bad ones until the final 2 then I decided which one would have more resources. Yesterday and the day before, we brainstormed questions about our topics and mine is sleep. What I did was think of questions and those questions generated more. My main question that will guide my research is “Why do we sleep and how does it help your body develop?” My sub-questions are “what are the effects of not getting enough sleep”,” How can we help people who don’t get enough sleep”, “how and why do you sleep with your eyes open”, “what is the average amount of sleep time and why”.  

Right now we are working on finding websites and books to help us do my research.This is a hard step for me because my topic is a little bit advanced so I have to find good search terms that will get me some good kid resources. I love researching my topic because it is interesting and has a lot of subtopics and interesting things like how does a person who does not get enough sleep compare to somebody that does.