Capstone Resources

Websites: Brain pop vid on Alexander Hamilton The Hamilton Book

Capstone #5 – Answering Main Inquiry Question

The next step in Capstone was answering my Main Inquiry Question. As you know, my Main Inquiry Question is: ” What is the Cultural Impact of Hamilton?” Answering my Main Inquiry Question was definitely a challenge. At first I was baffled thinking of how to answer my Main Inquiry Question, and write this blog post. About a week before this blog… More →


In our school we do houses in the middle school just like Harry Pottery, but the houses are only for three years. Each year your house stays the same. The houses are: Popham, Cooper, Butler, and Fountain. In 5th grade you find out your house, which I personally think is not the best idea because people make a very big deal… More →

Capstone #2- Main inquiry question and sub questions

For capstone we have to chose a main inquiry question and subquestions to go with our topic. A main inquiry question is basically what you will be narrowing your topic down to. At first I thought my inquiry question should be “Why was the musical, Hamilton such a hit?” or “How did the musical, Hamilton attract such a modern audience?” But I thought… More →