Writing Long and Strong on Jots – Character

Fourth Grade Rats

“Joey is making fun of Suds lunch box.”

Joey and Suds were at lunch on the first day of 4th grade. This year it was time to be a rat. So they were at lunch and Joey saw Suds lunch box. It was covered in elephants. Joey was laughing so hard. Suds was confused. He had this lunchbox for a really long time. Joey was explaining to him it”s time to give up this lunchbox, your a rat now. But Suds didn’t want to be a rat. He wanted to be an third grade angel again.

The rest of Suds lunch wasn’t peaceful at all. Β At the end of lunch Joey was still laughing. But Suds did not care what other people thought. All he cared about was not being a rat. It was hard for him because he wanted to be good not bad like Joey.

He could not believe what Joey was doing to him, Joey is his best friend. It was like Joey was bullying him. All Suds was doing is being himself. All Joey was doing is not being himself.




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  1. I loved your expanded jot I thought it was great and you even put all the details in, that was a great moment to choose! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

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