Slime Catastrophe

Hi everyone,

Today i’ll be telling you about SLIME!!! Slime is the fluffiest, squishiest, and most stretchiest thing ever. I don’t really know why I love it so much, it is just so addicting. So here is how I make it. All you will need is Elmer’s School Glue, Shaving Cream, and liquid detergent. So first you have to pour all your glue into a bowl. If your doing a color you should add it in. Then mix. After that your supposed to add in your Shaving Cream. The mix again. When your done with that you add little by little of your detergent. Then once your slime starts to form it should not stick to the bowl and should’t be liquidy. Then take your slime out of the bowl and start to need it. If it’s still a bit sticky then add more of your detergent. If it’s not stretchy you can add water or lotion. So that is how I make slime.

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