This year in science we are building rockets. My groups name is The Rocketeers. We get to build with bottles and other materials. My group is using Styrofoam for our wings and covering it in duck tape.


What am I Proud Of?

I am proud of designing a very cool looking rocket. I am also proud of my group for making progress in designing each and every part of the rocket. I am also proud of my group for all working together. For example when my team had to decide what kind of wing shape we wanted, we all drew a couple in our notebooks and then we all decide which one would make the rocket go high.

What Frustrated Me?

Something that frustrated me was that my group wasn’t using teamwork 100% of the time. It also frustrated me that very minute there seemed to be something to disagree about. Also my group did the wrong measurements for our poster so we had to start over.

What I’m Looking Forward To

I am looking forward to 3-D print the nosecone for my rocket and I’m also looking forward to finishing my rocket. Another thing that I’m looking forward to is launching my rocket. Especially seeing if it explodes while launching it, or stays perfectly fine.

Overall I’m excited to launch my rocket and see how it turns out!





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