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This year in science we have done info graphics on  Isaac Newton. In the process we had to first do all the research on him that we could, and then we had to do a prototype about him. At this phase we are making another prototype on google drawing. A info graphic is a combination of images and text. Also decorations!

In my info graphic the categories are “early life, adult life, quotes, inventions, three laws of motion, and lot’s of pictures. For the pictures every single one had a back round that made it relate to rocketry. For example I put a picture of the world. That related to Isaac Newton because he discovered the gravitation of the world. I also put an apple because of the myth when the apple falls from the tree onto his head. ¬†For the tree laws of motion I explained each one and told how they relate to rocketry because we are also doing another unit science that is about rocketry.

That is basically what an info graphic is, and what mine is about.


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