First Rocket Launch

When I was launching I used a trundle wheel to measure where we should read the clinometers. I had to walk fifty meters out from where the launch pad was in the field.

The launchpad used a pump for the fuel. We had to put two hundred and twenty milliliters. All the fuel we actually needed was two hundred milliliters, but when you put it on the launch pad a lot of water came out.

We used a rope when we were launching. The rope connected to the launch pad which connected to the rocket, and when you pull the rope, the rocket will fly.

What I learned while doing this project is using a clinometer. What I learned is when you use a clinometer, you cannot start at the ground, you have to start at eye level.

Everybody at jobs. My job was to count out fifty meters using a trundle wheel. During this project I learned what a trundle wheel is, and how to use it.

Looking at the graph, my group the Rocketeers got 48.5 meters as our average height of the rocket. While figuring out our average we had to read each four numbers and then see which one was the outlier. My groups outlier was thirty meters. We figured that out because all of our numbers are forty three, forty five, thirty which was our outlier and forty six. We figured that thirty was not as close to all the other numbers.

My questions for this launch are:

  • How could we make our rocket go even higher?
  • What other materials can we use for our nose cone?

After doing this launch I was proud of myself and my group and think that we can do even better on our next launch.


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