Rocketry – Building


When my group built our rocket we started off with getting a one liter bottle. When we got the bottle this is what we did!


With our bottle we put lines on with a sharpie where we would hot glue the wings on, and with the lines we sanded it so the hot glue will stay better when connecting the wings.


Duct Tape

My group chose to put blue and purple stripes on our rocket. We chose these colors because the girls in my group liked purple and the boys liked blue. That’s how we compromised.


When making the wings we used a Styrofoam sheet. We drew a temp let of the correct measurements and used that temp let to cut out the wings. The when we cut them out we also covered them in duct tape.


For the nosecone my group chose to 3-D print a nosecone. We designed it on a website called Tinker Cad. On there we got a shape and did the width and the length of the right measurements of  our rocket.


This is our final rocket design.


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