Home of the Brave

This year in read aloud my teacher is reading Home of the Brave to us. The book is about a boy named Kek who lived in Africa and most of his family died so he has to come to America. When he comes to America he has to face a lot of challenges. We talk a lot about the book and also ask questions. Here is one of the questions. 

Gol is a cow, but Katherine Applegate (author of Home of The Brave) also uses her as a symbol. How does Gol represent Kek’s past, present, and possibly his future?  

Gol represents Kek’s past because Gol symbolizes home. It symbolizes home for him because he was a herder in his past and working at the farm and being with Gol reminds him of herding. Gol also represents love for Kek because it reminds him of family and he doesn’t have much family. He loved his family and that’s why it reminded him of love. Gol also gives Kek hope. He gives Kek hope about finding his mother.

Gol represents Kek’s present because as I said it reminds him of home. It represents his present because he is going through a tough time right now and needs things to bring back memories.

Gol represents his future because it represents that something will happen. For example his old life will come back not only herding, but his mom.

I got this image from Macmillan Childrens Publishing Group

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