Re-designing our rocket

How can we make our rocket even better?

After our first launch we decided to make a whole new rocket. So we started off with taking all the duct tape and wings off our rocket. Then we had to discuss whether to make new wings or keep the wings we already had. We all agreed on making new wings except that the wings are going to be the exact same as the first wings but different colors. So then we traced them on the Styrofoam and cut them out. Everyone in my group wanted different colors for the wings but we finally figured out that the colors should be black, white and red. We covered each of them in those colors then went to decide the colors of the body of our rocket. Since it is breast cancer awareness month we decided on making the body pink.

For the nosecone we made a little bit of a different design. My group thought that we should make it taller, skinnier and a tiny bit wider. Since our school does not have a 3-D printer, a boy in our class Om is printing the nosecones for all of us because he has one of his own at home. So far this is what our re-design looks like.

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