Constitution Project

This year in social studies we are doing a constitution project. This project is about making something on technology or by your hands revolving around the constitution. To know what we have to do my teacher made two different dice. She put different subjects on each side. When I rolled I got events. Then the other dice had the kind of thing you had to make. On the side I rolled, it said “design something.” To decide what event I wanted to study my teacher had made something on a google doc that gave you choices on your category. The one that sounded most interesting to me was the first presidential election. The next step was to decide on what I wanted to build.

To decide on what to build I started to think about the setting. I came up with a voting booth. I new that they did not have voting booths when the election was held, but I thought that it did relate. The thought that kept coming up in my mind was should I make it a little voting booth, or go to the challenge of making a life size voting booth. Making the life size voting booth would be more fun so that’s what I did.

The next thing I had to do was decide on whether I should make something on technology or not. I thought I should add technology because it would give more detail to this project. When my grade went to Philadelphia they did a game show for us, after seeing that I thought that I should make one too about my topic.

In the process of making the voting booth my friend Lexi asked to join me because she was doing the same topic as me. We went shopping for all the materials we needed. After getting them we glued two very big boxes together to make the whole voting booth. After we did that we started to hot glue the wallpaper on the outside. That didn’t turn out very well so we figured that the next time we work on it, we will try a new strategy.

When I started to make the game show I immediately thought to use google slides. I took questions that weren’t very obvious and put them in the game show.

This project is going to be very fun and I am excited to see how everything turns out.


The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen

The running dream is about a girl named Jessica who got in a tragic bus accident. This accident effected her whole life. She lost a leg. Jessica really loved to run and after she lost a leg she didn’t think that it was even possible. Jessica makes this very hard for herself, harder than it has to be because she is always saying to herself that that was it, she would never be able to run again.¬†All of her friends really support her about this and help her fight through.

Read the book The running dream to find out whether Jessica can run or not.

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