Rube Goldberg Project Day Six

Learning to work as a group was one of the biggest struggles for my group. We all had different visions of how the Rube Goldberg would go. It made me wonder how we should compromise. We came to an agreement that we should combine all of our ideas together, and that’s how we came up with the Rube Goldberg.

Since we did it at one of my partners house (Leila) was researching and came up with some ideas. That helped us a lot because that gave us somewhere to start with the project. When doing the entire project we all new that it worked out well and we all had great ideas.


Rube Goldberg Project Day Five

Now that we have finished the actual Rube Goldberg we have to do the iMovie. It was hard to do the iMovie because we had 101 tries and needed to pick out only a few fails to put in our video. We already at some sort of idea about what we had to do for the video. My group and I wanted to make our video funny so we made outtakes. The outtakes included funny times we had during the process, and also when we messed up while saying things. I loved that part most about our video because it wasn’t just dull the entire time, it had some comedy. Although our video was very long, it was very entertaining.

Rube Goldberg Project Day Four

One of the many frustrations during this process was setting up the dominoes. Every time we would set up the dominoes they would just fall right down again. It was frustrated because it would take up most of the time that we could be doing takes. Another frustrating thing was when we got all the way to the end of the Rube Goldberg and the music didn’t play. I think that happened because the book wasn’t lined up correctly with the radio. Also, what happened a multiple amount of times was when we had the pulley of two dominoes, the one on the floor always pulled down the one on the elevation the wrong way. The entire project was a challenge but it was all very fun.

Rube Goldberg Project Day Three

The last part of our Rube Goldberg is using cups and Popsicle sticks. From where I left off the last domino has a string attached to it which is also attached to a Popsicle stick. There are about 12 cups lined up on two sides which are parallel. We used the sticks and crossed them so they were touching. After the last domino was knocked down the Popsicle stick get’s pulled down and the rest of them fall too. Then the last Popsicle stick is at the end which is right at the edge of the staircase. My friend Leila who is one of my partners was testing out ideas and came up with that. The last part of the Rube Goldberg is there will be dominoes going down the stairs, but instead we are using books as dominoes so they are larger and we only needed to put one per step. Our goal is to get something to hit the on button of the radio to make a song come on. That is my Rube Goldberg.

Rube Goldberg Project Day Two

After coming up with the first part of the Rube Goldberg, my group and I realized that we need another elevation. We only have an elevation at the first part of the Rube Goldberg, after that and so on is just flat. First we thought about making a toy train go up a cardboard ramp and the tracks would be taped on to the cardboard. The train had batteries so it could move. The train wasn’t strong enough to go up that big of a hill so we knew that that wouldn’t work. Then we started talking and coming up with more ideas and someone came up with we could start the train on top of the steep hill and have something instead to go up. I couldn’t think of anything else that would be able to go up a hill. After that, the idea was out of the question. The next thing we did was move a folded up mattress and tie a string to two dominoes. One of the dominoes on the floor and the other one up on the mattress. When the one on the floor would get knocked over the one on top would  fall and put down another row of dominoes. Coming off of the mattress was a long skinny tube. The last domino had a little pouch that we made out of tape and it held the marble. When the last domino is knocked over, hopefully, the marble will go all the way down the tube. Next, the marble will it a train that is already on the train tracks and then the train will go and hit down more dominoes and the last one also has a string tied to it. We will go on from there. I wonder what will happen next?

Rube Goldberg Project Day One

This year we are doing a Rube Goldberg project. We made teams and had to work with them to create a simple machine. When I heard the word Rube Goldberg the first word that popped into my mind was “dominoes.” I knew right away that we should use them.

The first time my group worked on our Rube Goldberg it took us about fifteen minutes to even come up with an idea, and then another fifteen minutes to come up with something reasonable. We finally started out with a toilet paper roll rolling down a ironing board. It needed some fixing but my group and I were glad to have something to start with. Then we started with something else. We started taking videos when we at least had three steps done. They were called the “sneak peeks.” At school we started with the sketch. That was only the first attempt to our sketches. I am really excited to see the next step!