Rube Goldberg Project Day One

This year we are doing a Rube Goldberg project. We made teams and had to work with them to create a simple machine. When I heard the word Rube Goldberg the first word that popped into my mind was “dominoes.” I knew right away that we should use them.

The first time my group worked on our Rube Goldberg it took us about fifteen minutes to even come up with an idea, and then another fifteen minutes to come up with something reasonable. We finally started out with a toilet paper roll rolling down a ironing board. It needed some fixing but my group and I were glad to have something to start with. Then we started with something else. We started taking videos when we at least had three steps done. They were called the “sneak peeks.” At school we started with the sketch. That was only the first attempt to our sketches. I am really excited to see the next step!

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