Rube Goldberg Project Day Two

After coming up with the first part of the Rube Goldberg, my group and I realized that we need another elevation. We only have an elevation at the first part of the Rube Goldberg, after that and so on is just flat. First we thought about making a toy train go up a cardboard ramp and the tracks would be taped on to the cardboard. The train had batteries so it could move. The train wasn’t strong enough to go up that big of a hill so we knew that that wouldn’t work. Then we started talking and coming up with more ideas and someone came up with we could start the train on top of the steep hill and have something instead to go up. I couldn’t think of anything else that would be able to go up a hill. After that, the idea was out of the question. The next thing we did was move a folded up mattress and tie a string to two dominoes. One of the dominoes on the floor and the other one up on the mattress. When the one on the floor would get knocked over the one on top would  fall and put down another row of dominoes. Coming off of the mattress was a long skinny tube. The last domino had a little pouch that we made out of tape and it held the marble. When the last domino is knocked over, hopefully, the marble will go all the way down the tube. Next, the marble will it a train that is already on the train tracks and then the train will go and hit down more dominoes and the last one also has a string tied to it. We will go on from there. I wonder what will happen next?

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