Immigration Project Part Four

In school we finally finished the stop motion animation project. My group and I worked really hard on it to complete it. After finishing the filming we imported it to imovie. Then we added cool sound effects which really makes it more interesting. Then we made the voice overs which sounded really cool when attaching it to the stop motion part. After making the imovie we watched it and it was good but we needed a little fixing.

We fixed the timing of most things and then it sounded perfect. I think that we finished first because the actual movement in the stop motion was pretty simple because all they did is walk in, walk out and in and also they walked back and forth. We also had a pretty simple audio because it was just one letter and we all had our assigned parts. Also, our group at times worked really well together and got things done quickly. Overall, I think that our project was really great and that my group and I worked really hard on it.

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