In science we are studying all about pollution and the importance of clean water all around the world. So, we made groups and each group is supposed to design a filter that can make the water a lot cleaner. Everyone in the class started off with trying out three different materials that can filter the water. The first material we tried was a screen. I had doubts about the screen because it had big holes in it so all of the bad contaminants would just go right through with the dirty water. I was right because nothing changed when we filtered it. The next filter we tried was a coffee filter. I was very excited about it because I had a feeling it would work. It would definitely take out a little bit of color and also take out the microbes. This one worked but not as well as I thought it would. I don’t think it worked because it was very thin so it didn’t absorb lots of the color. After that we tried out sand and gravel. They are two materials but they had to be together to work as a filter. This one worked the best. I think it worked the best because it would first go through the sand which would soak up some of the microbes and some of the color, but when it when through the gravel it took out all of the microbes that were left.

After trying out all of those we had to make a design. Our first design we were proud of but when we started talking about it we realized that it wouldn’t work. We recognized that our first design wouldn’t work because it had way too many materials that would just absorb all the water and not come out. So we made our second design and we knew that it would work.

When we started making the filter I made a mistake and took the stopper out of the bottom of the bottle. It made all of the sand and gravel we put in fall out. It was a huge mess!!! That was one of our biggest struggles. Our design was at the bottom of the bottle it and gravel and on top of the gravel it had some sand. On top of the sand there was a coffee filter. We thought that that would get some of the color out of the contaminated water. At the top of the cup we put some of the screen and in the screen was some gravel to add some purpose to using the screen. When we tested this filter, the filtered water was graded a three out of one to five (five being the worst and one being the best). It took out all of the microbes but didn’t fully take out the color of the water.

After that we made a second design. My group thought that using cotton balls would soak up all of the color. So our next design used the materials cotton balls, coffee filters, and gravel. I had more faith in this design than the last one because of using the cotton balls. The cotton balls were a great addition to the filter. When we tried out this filter it did work, but then we had the idea to use the filtered water we just made and then put it through the process again (our water was double filtered). That made it even better. This water was a two and very close to being a one. I think that if we kept on going it would have been completely filtered. Overall both designs were really good and it was a great experience and really made me think about how I could filter water.

Documenting is an important part of the process.

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