Nerdy Derby

Today in class we did an activity that was called Nerdy Derby. The activity was when we got to make our own little cars and race them. I did mine with my best friend Samantha and we made ours very pretty. We called it the Color Convertible because we covered it in rainbow order pom poms. While making the car we had to learn how to construct a car and make the wheels be stable. To put the wheels on we had to use these things called axes which were almost little skinny straws and you hot clued then to the bottom of your car. We needed them because the wheels wouldn’t be able to move without them because you had to stick them on. After everyone had made their cars and designed them, we got to race the cars. Ours was very fast and I am guessing it was fast because it didn’t have much weight on it. Except it made me think because we raced a car that had a million heavy things on it and that car beat us. I was wondering if maybe we did need a little bit of weight. We didn’t add anything though because we loved how ours looked and if their was a beauty contest, ours would totally win. (In my opinion)

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