Capstone #6 – Final Presentation

Yesterday I presented my Capstone to the parents. It was such an exciting but nerve wracking experience. When I presented I messed with up a few times but it wasn’t such a big deal. Also, I learned so much from even talking in public. It taught me how to be loud and clear with my words. Before I presented my project I was so nervous and I thought that it would be completely terrifying but when I actually did it, it wasn’t that bad. Also, all this time working on this project and finally presenting was totally worth it. Before yesterday, I wasn’t even very confident in myself, but after talking in public it made me feel better about it and I was very relieved. I think that overall just saying that five minute presentation helped me to come over my stress about talking in public.

I learned so much during this project, not only about my topic but how to ask great questions and how to manage my time well. I think something that helped me during this project and helped everyone else is that I loved my topic. Because it had something to do  me and would help me in general. Since I studied Broadway Audition Preparation, and I want to be an actress when I am older, that would help me to know how to prepare for my own auditions. Overall, I loved doing this project and I learned so much about how to prepare for Broadway auditions.

Click on this video to see my entire presentation:

Capstone #5 – Answering Inquiry Question

I started this project off with a different topic. That topic was Broadway Casting. Since we had to come up with a main question (inquiry question) I had a different question than I do now. My first inquiry question was (What is the process that a casting director goes through to find the best person possible for a specific part?) I had to make a new question since now I have a different topic. My second question turned out to be (When someone goes to an audition, how do they prepare for it?) That question took a lot of time to answer because everyone has their own way of preparing for an audition. After doing a lot of research about it I found out the most common things people do for an audition and the most suggested things that you should do for an audition. In my research, one of the most common things to do to prepare for an audition that you may already know is warm up your voice. This is an overall warm up but everyone has there own way of warming up their voice. Also, I found in a lot of articles that exercising helps because you are warming up your body. That’s only some of my research about preparing for auditions.

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